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Top Honeymoon Destinations according to Travel Expert!

Your honeymoon is a once in a lifetime trip to unwind after the big day and wherever you choose to go you want it to be romantic, memorable and special!

In this post I had the honor to chat with Travel Expert Christine Cinelli with Imagination Destinations Travel about the top honeymoon destinations she recommends and books for past and future clients of hers!

She noted Saint Lucia should always be a contender in your honeymoon decision making, specifically stating, "people love Saint Lucia, it's so picturesque and not overly touristy".

Saint Lucia is located in the Caribbean and is known for beautiful weather, excellent resorts, and pristine beaches. According to Travel Saint Lucia, "As you explore Saint Lucia, you are sure to discover romance around every corner. Visitors can sign up for sunset cruises or private beach side dining experiences with champagne and delicious seafood dishes. Many tours are eager to accommodate special requests for proposals or special moments to show your love."

Christine also noted, "Sandals Resort is a huge draw, but if couples want more of a unique experience there are so many beautiful resorts in Saint Lucia that will blow their minds". Finishing off stating, "It really is one of the prettiest Islands"!

Christine went on to explain, that prior to COVID-19 many of her clients were cruising through the Mediterranean for their honeymoon. Expressing, "people also love Europe, the Italian countryside and Greek Islands specifically. Some are looking for luxury while others adventure" and these destinations offer both plus some!

If you are to travel throughout Italy and hit more than one destination one popular, romantic itinerary would be to fly into Rome and head North making stops in Florence, Tuscany, Venice, Lake Como and fly back to the USA out of Milan!

For Greece most honeymooners choose to spend at least a day or two on the mainland exploring Athens, for that history and culture and then it's off to the Islands for a relaxing, romantic getaway!

At times it can be hard to pinpoint where you both want to go that will fit with your budget, time frame and that is the perfect mixture of two people’s ideal honeymoon, however, I hope this post was a helpful start! Please feel free to contact myself or Christine with any questions you may have!

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