• by Devyn

5 Wedding Details Couples Seem to Forget!

Alright, so you have spent months preparing for your wedding and you feel ready to go, wonderful!

Well, not so fast … we’re here to tell you that there may be some little, yet essential wedding details that many brides tend to forget, are you one of them!?


Your photographers will thank us with this one! Most photographers will want to take some shots of your wedding invitations, programs, save-the-dates and the like, so make sure you bring extra copies to hand over. Trust us, you will be glad you had those photos of wedding details in the future!


All my past brides know, I will never not have my emergency kit handy. What is an emergency kit you ask? A bag full of anything and everything you may possibly need throughout your wedding day! I will do another post at a later date about all the goodies in my personal emergency kit bag!


The timeline is my bible. It is the one document that has every single detail of your wedding day from start to finish outlined! This document goes beyond the start and end time of your ceremony and reception. It has details like what time should dinner be served? When’s the first dance? Time of speeches? Even important address and vendor specific information. A copy of this document is distributed to everyone involved in your big day, allowing everyone to be on the same page!


Have it be your wedding planner, maid of honor or even yourself hanging out gratuities, you'll want to make sure that they are organized prior to all weekend festivities begin. Having the tips already in labeled envelops makes all the difference!


You have plenty to deal with on your wedding day, so you don’t want to be the one fielding questions from vendors, managing the timeline or dealing with minor emergencies. Which are all reasons hiring a wedding planner is such an important piece to making your wedding a huge success!

I hope this was helpful to you! Please feel free to shoot me an email with any questions. Also, I'd love to know what you want to hear from me, questions or challenges that you have had during your planning!



Devyn, Emerald Events