• by Devyn

3 Tips for Creating Your Wedding Seating Plan!

As a planner as well as a guest at many weddings, I highly recommend providing a seating chart for your guests. Offering an open seating plan sounds good when you are over planning. However, on the day of the wedding everyone is confused on where to sit, why there isn't a seating plan and start to panic. Truly, I have witnessed it first hand!

So, I know this may seem like a major pain in the you-know-what task, but I have tips to help make this as stress-free as possible for you!


There are people that are out there that have created tools to make planning your wedding so much easier for you! Here I am going to tell you one of my top apps I use when planning all sorts of events - Social Tables! This site allows you to upload a blank floorplan of your venue or plug in measurements and create a detailed floorplan by utilizing their drag and drop option for everything you can think of! Tables, chairs, bars, dance floor, band/dj, stage, furniture and the list goes on! Below is an example of a floorplan I did for a tented wedding in a back yard and on the left hand side you can see all the drop downs allowing you to customize the floorplan for your specific event!


After downloading the app, I would recommend that you think about your max guest count, lets say 150. Then think about the max about of tables you can fit in the space or what type of table you want to use, what's the max capacity? Let's say 15 tables of 10 to make things easy! From there as you decide on your guest list and send out save the dates start plugging people in. When you have all the names in front of you assign them a table number! Then as time goes on and you get more definite responses you can move things around, but don't wait to last minute for this task!


Once you accept this fact, things become a little easier! Listen, everyone getting married is going to go through this same exact process, and most people dread it! Why? Because there is so much pressure to make everyone happy. However, once you have been through it yourself you realize that most of the pressure was coming from yourself assuming! My advice would be start with the parents and immediate family, from there go to bridal party, then extended family, friends and lastly, co-workers. Sit down with your fiancé first and find out if there is any family drama that needs to be avoided and work your way through the list from there. I also recommend keeping the amount of people helping with the floorplan to a small amount. The more opinions you have the more difficult this process becomes!

I hope these tips help make this process easier for you! If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to send me an email! - devyn.e.facchetti@gmail.com



Devyn, Emerald Events